Regarding Submissions and Collaborations

Sidebar Magazine appreciates every submission and thanks you for your interest in our magazine. These terms and conditions were created to ensure that the rights of our artists, collaborators, and editors are respected to the fullest in regard to their involvement with Sidebar Magazine. Please read them carefully as they apply to all submissions.

  1. As a collaborating or featured artist, you will always retain full copyright and intellectual property over your work.
  2. By submitting your work to Sidebar Magazine you grant us permission to publish and reproduce your images on our website, in our online magazine, and across all our social media platforms.
  3. By submitting to Sidebar Magazine you agree that your work may appear on our marketing material, such as on the cover of our magazine, on our newsletter, or on our Facebook page. In each of these cases, your name will always appear alongside the image, crediting you for your work.
  4. When submitting your work to Sidebar Magazine, you understand and accept that we are unable to provide you with any monetary compensation or royalties. If you go ahead and submit regardless, you are doing so purely for the publication opportunity and to allow your work to reach a broader audience of artists and readers.
  5. You accept that we may use your images submitted to us in our printed-on-demand magazines that will be sold in our online shop.
  6. We do not request exclusive publishing rights and therefore you are free to submit your work to other magazines or to sell your work via other channels. If you choose to directly reproduce a curatorial text written by an editor at Sidebar Magazine, we ask that you credit us in the following way: “This work was originally published by Sidebar Magazine, (sidebar.co).” We’d also love to be informed of this occurrence so we can continue to promote your work.
  7. By submitting to Sidebar Magazine, you grant us permission to make editorial choices about the curation, display, presentation, and formatting of your work. You also retain the right to request that we refrain from making certain alterations. If we feel that our curatorial choices are substance-altering or that they deviate significantly from the information presented to us at the time of submission, we will always ask you to review the changes prior to publication.
  8. By submitting to Sidebar Magazine, you understand that not all submissions will be accepted and that due to the large volume of submissions we receive every month, our curators are unable to respond personally to each rejected entry.
  9. You retain the right to request changes be made to your artist features in our blog posts, for an unlimited period of time following their publication. This does not extend to our online magazine unless it concerns an error made by our editors, and providing the error is pointed out within 15 days of the issue launch.
  10. You warrant that you are the sole owner of the work submitted. You warrant that your material does not infringe upon the copyright or licensing rights, that it has not been plagiarized, and that any other collaborators have been credited for their contributions to your work. You agree to indemnify Sidebar Magazine for any loss, injury, or damages resulting from a breach of these warranties.

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